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  • Gary Payton

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    Cookies Gary Payton, also known simply as “Gary Payton,” is a rare evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the classic They X Snowman strains. Known for its hard-hitting high and long-lasting effects, Cookies Gary Payton is definitely best suited for the experienced patient. The high comes on with an almost immediate effect, slamming into your mind with a high level of potency and launching it into a state of pure euphoria. As your mind flies higher and higher, you’ll feel an increase in your energy level that is accompanied by focus and sometimes a case of the giggles. With these effects and its super high 20-25% average THC level and 1-5% CBD level, Cookies Gary Payton is often chosen to treat those suffering from conditions such as headaches or migraines, chronic stress or anxiety, depression and ADD or ADHD.

  • Frostbite

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    Frostbite is a mostly sativa strain, whose trichome-covered flowers look as if they should be frosty to the touch. The strain’s aroma is warmer, evoking earthy and spicy, tea-like notes.

  • Pungent Peach

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    Pungent Peach is a balanced hybrid strain. This strain offers calming effects to the body and mind well still being able to accomplish daily tasks without any brain fog.

    19% THC

  • Sour Diesel

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    Sour Diesel is a popular hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Sour Diesel effects are dreamy, cerebral, fast-acting and energizing. This strain features a pungent flavor profile that smells like diesel. Medical marijuana patients choose Sour Diesel to help relieve symptoms associated with depression, pain, and stress.

    21% THC

  • Gushers

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    Gushers is a slightly indica dominant hybrid strain (60% indica/40% sativa). Named for the delicious candy, Gushers brings on the flavors with a combination of sour tropical fruits and rich creamy cookies in each and every toke. The aroma follows the same profile, although with a slightly herbal overtone and touches of spicy grape. The Gushers high isn’t quite as bright as the flavor, with super relaxing effects that are best suited for lazy nights spent at home with friends catching up on Netflix. The high starts with an influx of tingly euphoria that fills the back of the head with lightly arousing tingles. This quickly spreads throughout the rest of your body, leaving you pretty aroused and incredibly relaxed through and through. You won’t be sleepy in this state, but rather totally at ease with anything and everything happening around you. With these effects and its high 15-22% average THC level, Gushers is said to be perfect for treating chronic stress or anxiety, depression and chronic pain. This bud has elongated olive green nugs with bright green leaves, lots of thin amber hairs and a coating of tiny amber crystal trichomes.

  • MAC

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    MAC, also known as “Miracle Alien Cookies” or simply “Miracle Cookies,” is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Alien Cookies with Starfighter and Columbian. MAC produces creative effects that are happy and uplifting. This strain features a smooth orange flavor that is balanced out by floral accents on a sweet, earthy finish. Growers say MAC nugs are gorgeous and covered in resin. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help relieve symptoms associated with stress and depression.

  • Sour Joker Shake

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    Sour Joker, also known as “Joker,” is the stimulating sativa marijuana strain made from a blend of Amnesia Haze and East Coast Sour Diesel (ECSD). Sour Joker offers consumers a vigorous body buzz effect that is clear-headed and motivating, encouraging physical activity in or outside. Harness the mental clarity of this strain at lower doses and the fueled-up stimulation with continued use.

  • Gelato

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    Gelato, also referred to as “Larry Bird” and “Gelato #42,” is a perfectly balanced hybrid strain, resulting from the crossing of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Gelato offers an uplifting high, accompanied by potent feelings of relaxation due to its well-balanced Indica and Sativa genetics. Users have reported a quick onset of effects that leave them feeling relaxed, yet mentally stimulated and productive. Gelato boasts a THC level of 17%, which makes it an ideal choice for medical marijuana patients seeking relief from pain, fatigue, and insomnia. It’s important to note that novice consumers may want to approach this THC powerhouse with caution, as it can be quite potent. However, those with a high THC tolerance will delight in the heavy-handed effects this strain offers. Gelato is known for its sweet, fruity, and creamy flavor profile and aroma. When grown, this strain produces buds that feature dark purple hues, fiery orange hairs, and a shiny white coating of crystal resin.