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  • SKUNK 100 by East Van Boutique (2g Live Hash Rosin 90u) | HAPPY DOG DABS

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    Happy Dog Dabs launched officially launched April 20th, 2022.  They are truly a single source brand and EVERYTHING is done in house.  From hunting the seeds to finding the perfect terp profile to trimming.  You will never find the exact flavour Happy Dog Dabs brings because all the strains are hunted from seed.  Nothing is taken in from an outside source.  With new flavours being hunted on the regular, keep your eyes peeled for new and exclusive drops.


    This is a very special collab. Super limited drop.  We’re the only people in Western Canada with this drop.



  • GMO x FPOG | JuiceBox Selections

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    GMO x FPOG

    Garlic Mushroom Onion x Fruity Pebbles OG

    Taste better than she sounds.

    Extracted by Juicebox Selections

    Juicebox is a hard working seed to smoke extract artist that has the skills to cultivate and extract his own flower.  He is from beautiful Vancouver Island, and is no stranger to the world of cannabis.  He has worked under some of the top growers and extracts artists from BC.  Now ventured off into his own he’s doing amazing things with more to come.

    Live rosin is a tasty terpene rich treat; that’s clean and smooth to dab or make donuts in joints with.

    Juice process starts with WPFF – whole plant fresh frozen materials.  He collects 45 to 159 micron for edibles and the best 73-159 micron heads are for the press after being freeze dried.

    For the longest time, full melt extracts have bee some of the most sought – out, highest quality non – solvent concentrates on the market.  Juicebox’s process for Live rosin takes things a step further by guaranteeing the use of freshly frozen materials, guaranteed to produce the sought after fire.



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    Mercedes Hash is a classic hash variant that was first discovered in Afghanistan. Also known as Black Hash, Mercedes Hash has become known for its’ pliable texture, signature dark colouring and spicy flavours.